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Steel furniture is very popular now no matter in Europe or Asia. Because of its durable carbon steel frame, exquisite and special design, and multifunctional features, the steel furniture has win the most of good comments from customers. Certainly, metal furniture varies about kinds of metal materials, such as carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel with prayed coating, steel with thermal transfer printing, steel with wooden and so on. You could not image the creative design however it is dream to the truth. Well, let us appreciate below about some unique and creative design of steel furniture.

Stainless steel creative table

This table is so special because of its unique design. The table is made through stainless steel tube with welding technology. We never image it could be like this, the surface of table is such as mirror. More durable frame, more creative idea and more decorative value always attract us to own it.

Carbon steel table

This is table made by carbon steel tubes. The frame also like a simple magic cube, then put the table on the top. You could use it at home, or in office as creative ornament, or even in meeting room to receive customers.

Wood metal furniture

Wood metal furniture is common design, the most of people like this kinds of furniture because of its simplicity and unique design. Normally it made by wooden as seat of chair or top of table, and carbon steel tubes or steel pipes could be fabricated for the frame or legs. Through pretty black painting, it is good for corrosion resistance and anti rust.

Aluminum frame study desk

You should know aluminum is very light metal with only weight of 2.7g/cm3. That is awesome data to make every furniture made by aluminum materials is very light and convenient to move. Let us take a look about above study desk with adjusted aluminum support. It is very fashion and practical, meanwhile guarantee its durable and steady to users.

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