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When I first heard about it, I found out that a lot of people are already familiar with TriggerPoint and the other massage devices and tools they create. TriggerPoint is known to make durable and well-designed exercise tools and I guess this was why most people would prefer buying their massage gun. Although all of them were well-built and are easy to attach and change, I wish they had more attachment heads included in the package.

These massage guns that we review in the article today will help loosen tight spots in your muscle and help relieve muscle soreness. The device should also have an easy to understand control panel, which you can use to adjust the percussion massager to your liking. While shopping for a percussion massage gun, there are some critical aspects that can make or break your purchase.

Target specific areas on your body with the four interchangeable massage head attachments whether used as part of your normal workout or for therapy while healing from injuries. This is the ideal massaging solution – whether you sit at a desk all day or are “living the life” as a pro athlete, the FitRx provides a convenient way to promote a healthier body. This ultra-quiet and powerful massage gun penetrates deep into your muscle tissues to boost blood circulation and relieve tension and fatigue. With 20 speed settings adjustable via touch screen and five attachments, this massager target different muscle groups easily. Reviewers love the versatility and deep tissue massage, as well as the rechargeable Li-Ion battery and travel case for on-the-go relief. Their percussion massager combines their acclaimed massage technology with the convenience and power that athletes and fitness enthusiasts expect from a massage gun.

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However, different techniques are performed to create more production of the synovial fluids, which can lubricate the joints and relieve the arthritis pain. As a common issue, poll’s pressure is an irritating concern to horse’ owners as the tension it creates, manifests violent behavior in your horse as well. The vibrant Equine Percussion Massage Gun releases this poll pressure and brings down the timidity aggressive beast with just one relieving session.

With the help of 90° articulating head, it is easy for you to reach the right spots in your body. It comes with a carrying case, charger, and the lithium-ion battery. The easy to use features of this massager make it the right choice. The massager that we are highlighting now can deliver up to 2000 strokes per minute. As a result, it can help you increase blood circulation and reduce muscle pain.

To add more, it comes in a convenient carrying bag for both portability and storage needs. Additionally, it has an LED indicator to alert on the status of the battery. Lastly, it is built using quality and durable material for longer life. Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. We guarantee it’ll be your body’s best friend with its strong motor and multi-grip handle that’ll allow you to get those sore hard-to-reach spots. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love.

Is it a true percussion massager that can beat your muscles like a meat tenderizer for 30-second recovery? CNET’s reviewer had a “superficial” experience and felt that the throbs wouldn’t be strong enough able to crack intense knots or deep tissue damage. That sounds like a death sentence, but there’s a whole group of sensitive people out there who would actually prefer a low-powered rattling. According to this running blog, the NordicTrack’s vibrating pulse is still enough to heat and relieve soreness after a run, all the way from your lower back and hips on down the legs. The study clearly states that vibration therapy “shows clinically early reduction of pain and is effective in decreasing the level of LDH in 48 hours post exercise periods”. Also known as vibration therapy, simply explained it is utilizing recovery tools to rapidly apply pressure on specific muscles to get a deep tissue massage.

When I tested the original Theragun G3 model last year , one of my main complaints was that it sounded like a jackhammer on your body. The Theragun Elite tones down the noise—it still isn’t quiet, but while using the most intense setting, you won’t have people coming from another room asking if construction is happening outside. Its five speed levels and attachments provide a wide range of sensations and pressure levels that should satisfy everyone from the professional athlete to the casual runner. It also has a triangular ergonomic handle that sets it apart from the rest.

Keep in mind that the battery life is greatly impacted by the speed settings or strokes per minute you’re using. If you have a unique situation and you’re not certain it’s safe for you to use percussive therapy devices, consult a trained physician such as a chiropractor or physical therapist. If you’re a lifter or avid gym-goer, try using your massage gun on your pecs, shoulders, biceps, triceps and even your traps.

There are a few nice-to-have features in the XMIAO Massage Gun that added to a better overall experience for me. One of my favorite features is the HD touch-screen control that you can find at the top of the device. It shows the massage speed, battery life, the power button, and the adjustable buttons for you to adjust the speed. You don’t have to wonder what speed the massage gun is at because it’s already shown at the top. The Healsage Mini Massage Gun is one of the smallest massage guns you’ll ever get to use.

The first time you see the Hydragun Massage Gun, you’ll notice its design. It comes with a slightly slanted handle which I learned is for ergonomic purposes. Instead of a 90-degree angle with the actual massager, it is at 99 degrees. To help you narrow down your choices, I have shortlisted and reviewed on the best massage guns available in the Australian market below. Here at Massage Gunfight, we get a lot of web traffic from people all over the world and not just from the US.

Its big, curved handle affords a wider variety of grip choices, and the massage arm itself can rotate a full 90 degrees, which also expands your positioning options. And some of the prices shown here may actually end up lower thanks to codes and coupons that come and go. For a “pro-level recovery”, you can add post workout supplements to your regimen. to point at a targeted area, press the trigger, and let the gun do its work. But to get the most out of your massage session, you’ll need to bear some basics in mind. Broadly speaking, the major difference between these types lies in the amplitude of the device.

Do the math, then compare that with the cost the best massage therapy gun for back pain. It comes along with four different heads which ensures that you get the type of massage which you want. With the help of sleek and ergonomic design, you can easily use it consistently. The noise output is also on the lower side which allows you to use it in any ambiance. With the help of the threaded shaft, you can be sure that it is highly durable.