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Steel products are really important for us. Its wide range of uses refer to different industries such as machine industry, construction, bridge build, railway, automobile and so on. Certainly, for different industry, we should consider to use distinct steel materials. Meanwhile, carbon steel is main category in all of steel materials. Actually, according to steel properties, carbon steel may keep durability, rigidness, and proper plasticity. However, galvanized steel obviously show its good features during uses of kinds of projects. Below, we talk freely about steel with zinc coating.

Steel categories

Well, first of all we have to know about steel products with common classifications, such as steel pipes and tubes, carbon steel coil, steel sheets, section steel, steel and iron wire and so on. According to different steel products, we may consider to its different uses. For example, steel profiles (section steel) normally are applied in building, photovoltaic mounting structure, bridges build, railway build and so on.


Galvanized coating

Actually, galvanized coating is very important to use in steel materials because its excellent anti corrosion, proper waterproof, anti rust, even weather resistances and so on. Low carbon steel often encounters rust risk and corrosion, so galvanized coating may help then to avoid these issues and prolong its life period. For its process and treatment, we may consider hot-dipped galvanized steel cold galvanized steel and electro galvanized steel, meanwhile cold galvanized steel gradually has been banned to fabricate and use. Now as recommendation, hot-dipped galvanized steel is main choices.